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A unique approach to improve student learning outcomes.


EarlySpark is an initiative of the Deshpande Foundation for the Nali-Kali teachers and students. Our goal is to improve the foundational literacy (in English) and social-emotional skills of students across Karnataka. We do this in a unique way by providing well-researched, locally relevant, and demonstration-based training to government teachers both inside and outside the classroom.

The EarlySpark Approach

  • 100 hours of intensive and structured capacity-building for teachers through Teacher Training Labs and demonstration-based coaching. EarlySpark instructors work side-by-side the government school teachers, modelling best practices within the classroom environment.
  • The curriculum is aligned with the government of Karnataka NaliKali curriculum and provides teachers with supplementary content and teaching aids.
  • EarlySpark enables teachers to learn English themselves and in turn, teach it to students in an engaging, interactive manner.


Our mission is to contribute towards the NIPUN Bharat Mission and United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 4.1.1. We support the state government Nali-Kali teachers to achieve universal foundational literacy in all primary schools in Karnataka.


The program has started to strengthen the education eco-system in rural areas by training teachers and engaging communities to contribute meaningfully to their children's education at an early age. Our training hours were increased from 80 to 100, to boost the rapport between the school teachers and our EarlySpark instructors, which led to a better impact.

473 government NaliKali teachers trained
473 government NaliKali teachers trained
17000+ NaliKali Students
17000+ NaliKali Students
50 team strength
50 team strength
225 government schools engaged
225 government schools engaged

Unique Offerings

  • 100 hours of structured capacity-building for government teachers
  • Workshops & demonstration-based training inside the classrooms
  • Research-based program with impact evaluation through Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
  • Teacher Learning Materials (TLMs) and student curriculum are in alignment with the NIPUN Bharat Mission of the Government of India
  • Enabling teachers to learn and teach English simultaneously

Focus Area

  • Students (Grades 1-3): Cognitive, Numeracy, Literacy (English) & Socio-emotional skills
  • Teachers: Managing classroom and student behavior, adopting best teaching practices

Igniting classroom transformation.

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